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Our story so far...

Paradox parlours was created in 2017 by Tom and Steven. Back then we were called Guildford escape rooms and as the name sugests we only had rooms in Guildford. Tom and Steven's backgrounds are both in making excellent customer experiences for groups of people. Both have some individual skills that have shaped the business into the 5-star rated establishment it is today. You'll usually find Tom fiddling with some tech in the room or coding the latest clue system. Steven will one of our power tools in hand shaping a prop or putting up a new wall!

Since it's conception in 2017 paradox parlours have expended from the single small space in Guildford housing 2 games to an additional space in Guildford housing our fantastic lobby space and another game and recently in Woking to bring 3 new escape room experiences.

Since playing our first escape room (we've now both played around 130 each), our passion has been to create a fun, challenging 5-star experience for every customer who comes to play. If you want to join us in continuing to bring this to life then you'll be perfect for the job!

- Tom & Steven - Founders

Puzzle Creation

If you've got an awesome puzzle in mind but not the skills to bring it to life then we're your guys! We make all of our puzzles in-house and having designed and built plenty of them for our own rooms. We've seen how customers interact with things and have the build (Steven) and the tech (Tom) skill to create almost anything! Go on, give us a challenge.

Custom Games

Not only have we designed and built our games we've been commissioned to create both physical and online games for others. Our most recent game (which helped teach the importance of information safety) for a large insurance company was so well received in the UK, that it was then sent to their head office who further sent it worldwide!