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Drinks tea faster than the kettle can boil.


Probably just ran 20 miles to work!


Just ate some all of the biscuits!


Is adding another 5 review to her tally.


Drinks tea faster than the kettle can boil.


Drinks tea faster than the kettle can boil.


Drinks tea faster than the kettle can boil.


Drinks tea faster than the kettle can boil.


Drinks tea faster than the kettle can boil.

Puzzle Creation

If you've got an awesome puzzle in mind but not the skills to bring it to life then we're your guys! We make all of our puzzles in-house and having designed and built plenty of them for our own rooms. We've seen how customers interact with things and have the build (Steven) and the tech (Tom) skill to create almost anything! Go on, give us a challenge.

Custom Games

Not only have we designed and built our games we've been commissioned to create both physical and online games for others. Our most recent game (which helped teach the importance of information safety) for a large insurance company was so well received in the UK, that it was then sent to their head office who further sent it worldwide!

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Our team is complete right now but let us know if you'd like to stay in touch.

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What's it like working at Paradox Parlours?

Hear it from the team

Working here has taught me a lot and helped me to develop as a person. I’ve learnt new skills, grown in confidence, and improved my problem solving abilities. We are a close knit team where everyone is respected and valued, and we all work together to ensure our customers receive the 5 star experience we are known for. It’s a very sociable job, as well as interacting with a wide range of customers, there are also regular team meet ups and trips to enjoy - usually involving at least a few escape rooms!

Izzi - Customer Experience Manager

Paradox Parlours is the best team I have worked with. Whether you are full time, part time, or zero-hours you are integral to our success, as such everyone gets the respect and voice they deserve. We work hard and reap the rewards in our team days out and meet ups. If you like meeting and chatting with a wide range of people (i.e. our customers), developing a unique range of problem solving abilities, working within a brilliant team and, of course, escape rooms, you should definitely apply to join us.

Ollie - Operations Manager