Guildford Escape Rooms

in the town centre

The Recording Studio

There's just 1 hour before the number one track is due to be played on Paradox Radio. But disaster has stuck and the track has gone missing. Can your team remaster the number one track before the TOP 10 reaches number 1?

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The Case Of The Missing Gun

It’s 1930s New York City, and for years, Private Investigator Larry Maxwell has been trying to take down the infamous crime boss, Vince Baxter. At long last Vince is on trial for murder and Larry has a key piece of evidence that will send Vince down for good--the murder weapon. However, after suffering a mysterious ‘accident’ yesterday, Larry is lying unconscious in hospital and no one knows where he has hidden the crucial piece evidence. Can you find the missing gun and help Larry lock Vince up for life?

From £85 for a team for up to 6 players view pricing

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VENUS is the latest in home-automation. Custom designed for each home, VENUS takes over all of life’s little chores to make your world as easy as possible. And with an ability to anticipate your every need, it’s almost as if she has a mind of her own…. However, we’ve had reports of a rogue VENUS installation attempting to spread a virus into every home across the entire global network, and if she succeeds the results will be catastrophic. We need a team of engineers to stop her now, before it’s too late!

From £85 for a team for up to 6 players view pricing

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Our pricing scale

PlayersPer Person PriceTotal
2 £32.00 £64
3 £28.00 £84
4 £25.00 £100
5 £23.20 £116
6 £22.00 £132


Jeffries House,
Jeffries Passage,
More location info

We're located in the heart of Guildford town centre at the bottom of Jeffries Passage in Jeffries House.

From North Street, Jeffries Passage is the first right after the Library as you walk uphill. From the top of the high street (near Sainsburys), Jeffries Passage is next to Jacks of London on the left side as you walk uphill.

We are at the bottom of Jeffries Passage. Look for the white glazed door of "Jeffries House" with our black sign next to it.

Our postcode is: GU1 4AP. If you have problems finding us on the day Message us on Facebook or contact us


The closest multistory carparks are Leapale Road or York Road car parks. For more information see Guildford Borough Council parking charges

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