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Our standard office hours are:
Wednesday-Friday 3.30pm-9.30pm
Saturday 9.30-5pm
Sunday 1pm-9pm
Our escape rooms are designed for adults and are challenging to complete. None of our games contain adult content, so if there are 2 or more adults in the team then junior team members of any age are welcome in our rooms (i.e. in a family group). Due to the complexities of the puzzles we do not allow teams of children younger of 11 to play without 2 adults in the room.
Players Per Person Price Total
2 £34.00 £68
3 £30.00 £90
4 £28.00 £112
5 £26.00 £130
6 £24.00 £144
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate more than 6 players per room.
  • If your booking is more than 14 days away, it is possible to reschedule it to a future date, just get in touch.
  • If your booking is between 7-14 days away we charge a £15 rebooking fee.
  • If your booking is within 7 days we are unable to cancel or reschedule your booking.
There is a possibility we'll have a slot available on the day. For the fastest response, Message us on Facebook or contact us
We are following the government guidelines on mask wearing. Currently, you are not required to wear a mask but are welcome to do so if you wish.
2 years from purchase date.
Your experience will last around 75 minutes, including a short briefing beforehand, and a chat about how it went. You’ll have 60 minutes to solve the room and escape. It isn't easy, though, so you'll need to assemble an awesome team! We allow unlimited clues so don't worry if you think you might get stuck we'll help you along your way!
Unfortunately, in Guildford, we have no wheelchair access. We're on the 3rd floor, so access is via a stairwell. During the game, there's no excessive physical activity required, but to solve the rooms at least one team member has to have reasonably good eye sight. We do play music and sound effects; however, these are not essential for solving the rooms.

Please let us know if there is anything we might be able to do to assist in your visit.
We never lock anyone in our rooms so you're free to leave then whenever you need to.
IMPORTANT: We require at least one player to be over the ages of 18. Our escape rooms are designed for adults and are challenging to complete. We do allow children over the age of 11 to play as part of a team with at least 1 adult.

For groups with adults in, anyone over the age of 11 will be able to contribute.

The rooms are challenging for children. There may be points at which you are stuck with what to do next, an adult playing as part of the team will help the children get the most from their experience.

The content of all our rooms is appropriate for children.
Our rooms can accept a maximum of 6 players per room. We currently have 3 rooms in our Guildford venue, (so a maximum of 18 players can play at the same time) and 1 room in our Woking venue.
Don't worry — if you're stuck we'll be able to give you clues to help you on your way. Not everyone will solve the room but you'll still have fun and get your picture taken. There is no limit on the number of clues, but if you're an experienced players then you'll be battling for a top spot on our 'No Clue' leader board.
An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players enter a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles within a 60-minute time limit.
We are an independent escape room company with locations in the heart of the town centre in Guildford and Woking
We have many reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook and Google+
In short... Everyone. Mates, Family, Corporate Groups, Stag & Hen, Birthdays. You're all welcome!
No. All our rooms are private bookings no matter how many tickets you book.

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