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Games Host

You create an excellent customer experience.


  • Working face to face with customers e.g in a hospitality setting
  • Attention to detail
  • Happy talking in front of groups.
  • Excellent time keeping
  • Computer literate
  • Experience playing an escape room
  • Handy with tools to make the occasional repair

Paradox parlours was created in 2017 by Tom and Steven. Back then we were called Guildford escape rooms and as the name sugests we only had rooms in Guildford. Tom and Steven's backgrounds are both in making excellent customer experiences for groups of people. Both have some individual skills that have shaped the business into the 5-star rated establishment it is today. You'll usually find Tom fiddling with some tech in the room or coding the latest clue system. Steven will one of our power tools in hand shaping a prop or putting up a new wall!

Since it's conception in 2017 paradox parlours have expended from the single small space in Guildford housing 2 games to an additional space in Guildford housing our fantastic lobby space and another game and in Dorking to a massive space with an lovely huge lobby and room for 5 games.

Since playing our first escape room (we've now both played around 130 each), our passion has been to create a fun, challenging 5-star experience for every customer who comes to play. If you want to join us in continuing to bring this to life then you'll be perfect for the job!

A typical day involves, opening up and preparing the game ready for the group to arrive. Once set up there’s time for a tea while you await your team. You’ll introduce yourself to the team and introduce them to what escape rooms are and what their mission is ahead of them. Once they are in the room, you’ll monitor them on CCTV and send them hints throughout the game. Once complete, you’ll congratulate them, see them off and then reset the game, then make a tea while you wait for your next team to arrive. Repeat.

We have a very high standard of host delivering our escape rooms. However, we reward this high standard by creating a relaxed atmosphere to work in. You must be comfortable chatting to groups as you will be the one building up the excitement and tension before they enter the room. Your time keeping should be impeccable. As a host you should always be ready for a group to arrive, we have ample time between games to reset, but also to allow a little flexibility for groups who arrive late. Being able to concentrate while monitoring a game is crucial. You will be the extra team member delivering the perfect hint when needed. You’ll need to have picked up what information they have learnt as a team about a puzzle and how to compile a hint which will be useful for the team to progress.

We don't want to exclude anybody from our team, but an integral part of the job requires that you be able to climb flights of stairs, lift and move a range of objects around, crouch, stretch etc. throughout the day, so we have to ask that you be capable of this. Please contact us if you need more information about this or you think you may be capable of joining the team despite this.

We're currently recruiting

Full Time

Thursday & Friday Evening (5.75hrs each day)
All day Saturday and Sunday (13hrs each day)

Salary: £18,525/year

Holiday: 5.6 weeks/year


Part Time

11.5 hrs/week - Thursday & Friday Evening
26 hrs/week - All day Saturday and Sunday

Pay: £9.50/hour

Holiday: 12.07% of hours worked

IMPORTANT: The role will include working weekend days and late finishes in some form.

What's it like working at Paradox Parlours?

Hear it from the team

Working here has taught me a lot and helped me to develop as a person. I’ve learnt new skills, grown in confidence, and improved my problem solving abilities. We are a close knit team where everyone is respected and valued, and we all work together to ensure our customers receive the 5 star experience we are known for. It’s a very sociable job, as well as interacting with a wide range of customers, there are also regular team meet ups and trips to enjoy - usually involving at least a few escape rooms!

Izzi - Customer Experience Manager

Paradox Parlours is the best team I have worked with. Whether you are full time, part time, or zero-hours you are integral to our success, as such everyone gets the respect and voice they deserve. We work hard and reap the rewards in our team days out and meet ups. If you like meeting and chatting with a wide range of people (i.e. our customers), developing a unique range of problem solving abilities, working within a brilliant team and, of course, escape rooms, you should definitely apply to join us.

Ollie - Operations Manager