So, what's all the fuss about?

Wow, 44784 happy players so far

Who is it for?

In short... almost everyone.

If you're someone who...

  • Is over 11 years old
  • Loves a challenge
  • Enjoys a good story
  • Savours victory in the last second

We have had thousands of players come and try their hand at our escape rooms and we have a very high success rate. Some people are worried it'll be too hard but DON'T, our game hosts are on hand to help whenever you need it. If you need a little help, that's what we're here for.

Sounds great? Go, see our rooms

What actually happens?

When you arrive you'll be greeted by one of our awesome games hosts . They'll present the story of the room to your group. You'll enter the themed room and have 1 hour to solve the challege laid out. There will be a little bit of searching, a lot of thinking and plenty of teamwork required. Don't worry it's not TOO hard and our brilliant staff know exactly how to "read the room" and are on hand to give handy hints if you need them.


Our rooms throw you into the reality of the story. There's not just a load of padlocked boxes here! Get your head into the scene and ideas on how to solve the mystery will start to flow.


You'll need a great team of puzzle solvers to crack the mysteries in our rooms. Much discussion will be needed to work through the puzzles with information coming from all over.


Our thematic rooms are fully immersive and you'll get clues in many different forms so keep your eyes and ears open for the vital information to help solve the puzzles.


Bring all the ideas, discussions and clues together to work out the solutions to the puzzles. Solve all of them and escape the room. But will you do it in time?

Got questions?

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