3 tips to turn from novice to expert escape roomers

Use these tips to become the ultimate team destined for success in all your escape room adventures.

Escape rooms are a type of game in which you have to solve puzzles and clues while trying to escape from a room, solve a mystery or complete a mission. Read on for tips on how to absolutely smash your first escape room!

#1) Search all over

Make sure you start by looking around for anything that might give you an edge. You might find something as simple as a written clue or an unlocked box. It helps to work out where any padlocks are; you’re going to need to open these to progress. Try to split up and cover all the areas of the room. Describe what you see so all the members of your team are aware of everything that’s in the room.

Don’t move around the room as a big group, try splitting up into smaller groups and try and tackle a puzzle.

#2) Communicate constantly

Talking about everything you see sounds silly but in an escape room, it’s a brilliant idea. The more information your team have about what’s in the room the better you’ll do.

“There’s a desk in the corner of the room. I’ve got a lamp, a computer, and an antique typewriter. Does anyone need a blackboard and some chalk powder. It looks like there are bookshelves with art prints and paintings over here. Here, on the floor, there are many scattered papers with scribbles on them.”

Talk about everyone to everyone.
#3) Work out what to solve and share the burden

Sometimes you’ll get an obvious clue as to what you need to do to proceed. Maybe a locked door that needs a key or a numerical padlock that requires 5 numbers. Sometimes it’s less obvious what the next thing you need to do is.

gold padlock on blue and white floral door

If a puzzle is taking you a long time or you’ve run out of ideas, swap with another person so you both get a fresh set of eyes on the challenge. It’s amazing how often one person’s brain is stuck in a single idea and with another person looking at the puzzle, it’s solved quickly!


Working backwards from what you’re trying to open is a great tactic employed by the best escape room teams! If you’re looking to open a 5 digit padlock take a glance around the room and start to notice things that might work together to give 5 numbers. 5 pictures on a wall, 5 pieces of a puzzle, 5 items you can put together.

If you know what you’re looking for then finding the solution is just a little bit easier. Good luck!

If you’ve not yet played an escape room then The Case Of The Missing Gun at our Guildford location is a brilliant first-timers room. Our staff have some little tips of their own so don’t worry they’ll give you a helping hand whenever you need it!